Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's May!?!

WOW! Time has flown by over here in Idaho. I have 14 more teaching days left and I am NOT counting down. :) Rather I'm enjoying every second I have left at Hibbard Elementary. I LOVE my classroom so much along with the parents, and school! May 26th will be a very sad day for me. 

Here are some highlights from the last month in a half. 

The first week in April Graig and I went down to Salt Lake City for conference. My parents flew in Friday night and we stayed with my Dads brother in Layton. First of course we met Jamie & David for some In-N-Out. Saturday afternoon was the session we attended. It was a nice warm day and my first time at conference along with my parents. It was such a cool feeling to actually be in there listening to the speakers instead of on the couch at home. I enjoyed all of the talk and speakers during that session. I also ran into one of my students from last year. I never know when I'll hear "Mrs. Ward" it was fun to see him there! I also need my dad to email me more picture! Hint Hint!

We also got to spend time with my Aunt Marla, Uncle Steve, and their cute daughter and sons. Of course we played some games!


Graig's Graduation! Graig is officially a college graduate. Congratulations!!! I'm so proud of you! Graigs parents, grandparents, sisters, my mom, my sister, and nephews got to celebrate this occasion. I'm in desperate need of more pictures...not sure why I didn't have my camera. Now that facebook won't let me copy and save I have to get the pictures another way. We enjoyed spending time together!

We had lots of family in town and loved it! 

Nash playing in his fort he made with Joni.

Kade crawling around. I love his bright blue eyes!

Nash one morning eating some yogurt with his morning eyes. 

A few weeks after everyone left we made a road trip to Nyssa for Easter!

 I took Friday off to spend an extra day with my sister and nephews. We painted her living room, went shopping at home decor stores, and played with the boys! Chase was busy working on the farm each day. Graig went to Bend, Oregon to golf with his friend Jim. He came back on Saturday night so we could all spend Easter together. Breana gave a wonderful talk in church. I got to snuggle Kade during church which was a big highlight. The Froerer's let us join in with them. Craig made delicious carne esada. Then we helped them hide over 200 eggs in the yard for the Easter egg hunt. We had to leave just as it started. Nash had lots of fun collecting eggs.