Thursday, December 22, 2011

The past few months...

Here are a few updates:
NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving Palm Springs
Graig and I flew to Brea on Friday and spent the night
at his parents house. I enjoyed getting to see a little more
of Brea and where Graig grew up. He took me to his High School
and some of his favorite places to eat. 
His soccer team won state, I thought it was really cool 
that they have this banner on the stadium building.
On Saturday Mick, Joni, Janelle, Graig, and I drove
over to their place in Palm Springs. 
Jamie flew into Palm Springs as well.
It was a BEAUTIFUL week in California. 
Filled with lots of games, finishing the Twilight Saga
 book in preparation for the movie, bowling,
and my FIRST round of golfing. 

Moments before this picture. I was attacked by little fire ants! 
WOW they are little but they hurt!
 All of a sudden I felt something stinging my foot and I 
look down and they are just covering my foot.
 After putting some toothpaste on it the stinging started to go away.

Downtown Brea at Christmas time. 

I ALMOST forgot of course we at at this place almost EVERY day! :) 
Nyssa Trip Beginning of November
My brother-in law Chase went on a hunting trip
with his family so I went and stayed with Breana and the boys.
 We had a great time. After they picked me up
from the airport we went to the Discovery Museum in Boise.
 Our week was filled with lots of playing, painting,
some games, shopping and a craft. I wish I would
have taken more pictures. These pictures were taken
on my phone so they're not that great.

Our fort :)
Nash was a little nervous about the slide.
Breana saw this idea on pinterest. So we recreated it! 
Thanks for a great time! 

OCTOBER : Wedding October 2011 Kevin & Sheila 

Here are some of my favorite pics:

Nash ( 2 yrs and 9months) 

Kade: 15 months

Mr. & Mrs. Kooyman

Kade enjoying hanging out with Mick and Joni Ward and the sparkling cider bottle :) 

Two of my besties they were a BIG help!

Our family! :) 

Last Jaegerman sista to get married. 

We got to carve the pumpkins that Graigs grandma and mom
grew over at the lakehouse. Some were huge
and weighed a ton. Surprisingly their was not
 a lot of "guts" inside of them.Graig, Kevin, Sheila
 and I did some carving at my parents house.
Graig's "create" carving and my pumpkin.

Kevin's Pumpkin

Sheila's Pumpkin
Roxy not at all happy with her Halloween hat.
I started working for the Bellevue School District 
and St. Thomas School as a substitute teacher. 
It has been a great experience to teach various grade levels. 
Along with seeing other classrooms 
and how teachers run their classroom.
After subbing for a whole week in a first grade classroom 
one student gave me this picture.

AUGUST: Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour

Graig and I went to the Britney Spears concert things summer. I know he likes her and I asked if he wanted to go but his comment was ," not unless you win the tickets." (he thought the price was too expensive) phh okay Graig how am I suppose to do that? I knew he would love to go to this concert so I tried. I called on the radio station and they picked up but said I was caller 88 and hung up. I needed to be 106. Bummer... well my sister Sheila had some connections at the radio station and we were put on a "list" if we were called then we would get the extra tickets. We were called! So Graig and I got to experience the Britney concert together. I have so many memories from junior high with my girlfriends and I making up dances to her music or making singing videos to her songs. We had a great time! Our picture didn't turn out but here it is. 

Portland: Golf & Shopping

Graig met his friend Jim and his dad to go golfing.
 My mom and I dropped him off and went shopping. 
We went to Homegoods, Ikea, and some shops downtown. 
No tax! It was SUPER hot this day. 93degrees!

My family on my moms side got together for my 
Uncles Retirement party at my Grandparents house. 
It was a beautiful sunny day there at the beach. 

This is a sunset picture that was taken years ago from my grandparents yard. 
I thought it was pretty. :) So I thought I would share.

And of course over the past several months we are still 
searching for the house we are meant to live in. I sure hope we find it soon. 

If you made it through this LONG post we hope you have a 
 and a 
Happy New Year!