Monday, March 21, 2011


This past week i was blessed to have the opportunity to go to Los Angeles with school for a Business Excursion. We toured around Southern California visiting different companies. Some of us were seeking out internship possibilities while other of us were looking for full time employment. I of course was on the latter end of the spectrum. Some of the places I visited with my school group were Avery Dennison, Bank of the West, Goldman Sachs., Google, ICON, JP Morgan, LA Clippers, Fashionphile, and the Secret Service.

While I missed the Secret Service and ICON visits, it was for a good cause. Thank to a very good inside source at MARS I was able to travel to their Rancho Dominguez location and interview for a job. I interviewed to be a Customer Logistics Representative. The interview went great, and they are going to contact me within two weeks. 

"Carol, this little Japanese gem is a Corolla." Thank you Toyota Corolla for getting me to my interview on time and for touring me around my home state. While i commend you on great service and for getting the job done, your irregular shaking while doing 85 down the freeway left me a little uncomfortable. 

When was i doing 85 you may ask? Of course I had to keep up with this new Gallardo while heading back to LA on the 405.

It wouldn't be a trip home without some meals at my local favorites. Andrew Coyle was good enough to meet me at Puffy Taco. This is one of my favorite taco shops i hadn't been to in over four years.

Of course I made it to In-N-Out to have a REAL In-N-Out.

As strange as it may seem, I didn't even bother me sitting in traffic. Could it have been the fact that it was snowing back in Rexburg while i enjoyed temps in the high 70's? Or could it have been the reuniting that I had with SMOG? (Bonus points to anyone who spots the building to the left hidden in the trees)

As some of you read the list of companies that we visited you may have questions "Fashionphile." It was a handbag company that is located on Rodeo Drive. I snapped this picture of Tiffany's on Rodeo for Nicole and Jamie. I sat on Rodeo for a couple minutes and saw many Bentley's, Maybachs, and Ferraris. Of course this all comes with a price... Regular unleaded on Rodeo Drive costs $4.95 a gallon.

All in all I had a great trip to LA, it could have only been better if Nicole would have joined me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Winner Is...

This week brings the Average Text Messages a Month Olympics.

After months of relentless texting and thousands of messages sent our winner is...


Yes. Janelle has been hard at work sending out an average of 7500 text messages a month in order to win this trophy. I think she already knew that she had the win in the bag though because she is already on her vacation to Disneyworld.

Here is how the competition stacked up.

1. Janelle - 7500 ATPM
2. Graig - 2800 ATPM
3. Jamie - 1800 ATPM
4. Nicole - 1200 ATPM
5. Mother - 538 ATPM

Well done to all the participants.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spade L Ranch By: Mr. Ward

My first post goes out to all those people that say, "write your own blog then!" There, I did it. I wrote a blog post. Now update your blogs already.

This is now a family favorite steak seasoning. I wasn't the locator of this (Kevin Ball lead me on to it) but I will say that I am the perfecter of it. Spade L Ranch Steak Seasoning. Make sure you use plenty of it, this is definitely not one of those seasonings that "a little goes a long ways." Combine it with some home made In-N-Out style french fries fresh from Delinda and some rolls and you got yourself a perfect dinner.

Busy Busy Week

This week at school was Dr. Seuss, Read Across America week. On top of that it was the end of trimester 2 which meant that grades were due and progress reports were to be printed. It was a busy week to say the least but so much fun. We made oobleck after reading the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck along with TONS of more activities to go with some of Dr. Seuss's amazing books. I made these cute treats after reading the Happy Birthday to you on Tuesday which was Dr. Seuss actual birthday. I got the idea from but made a "smaller version" she used huge pixie sticks and I just bought the small ones and downsized the balloon. 

On top of the busy week Graig was out of town on an "excursion" with the school in Seattle. He got to tour Microsoft, Nordstrom, Boeing, T-Mobile (where he saw my dad), Paccar, and a few other companies I can't think of. They stayed in Seattle and his roommate happened to be a guy I went to HS with. Small world! While he was out of town I did some scrapbooking.

I LOVED this scrapbook paper at Porters and thought I could cover my school clipboard with it. I used mod podge and added some ribbon.

Then I scrapbooked a mini composition book using extra paper I used for a notebook for my moms birthday. Joni got Graig and I these mini composition books to write down when and where we go to the temple and our feelings from that time going. I'm excited to start using it, isn't it cute!?