Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day at Vaughn

A couple Sundays ago Graig, my mom, and I went out to my Grandparents house.
We celebrated my Grandmas birthday.
 Happy Birthday to her! 
It turned out to be a pretty afternoon. 
Sheila and Kevin were out on Lake WA for sea fair and my dad was hiking the "Wonderland Trail" on Mt. Rainer (10 day adventure) with my grandpas brother and his son-in-law.
Since my Grandparents live on a bay we took my Uncles kyak out for a ride. Now this was my VERY first experience in a kyak. I have never had a desire to get in one to begin with. But it was a pretty day and I thought it would be a nice relaxing ride with my hubby. Well it was relaxing as long as we stayed in shallow water away from the deep end and waves! HAHA ..... I'm such a wuss but the feeling of being so close to the water and the rocking motion over the waves does not settle well for me. So Graig is so sweet he stayed close to the shoreline while we paddled on. My mom followed on the beach with Roxy and Duke. First I sent Roxy out with Graig to get a feel for it.
I love getting to see Roxy when I come visit my parents house. She always greets us with lots of kisses. 
And this is Kevin and Sheila's dog Duke. He is a sweetheart!