Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Since my last post Graig was offered a position with Unique Beverage Company in Everett WA.
 (insert screams of excitment here)

We were/are so excited about this opportunity and excited to know where the next chapter of our life will begin. So... two days after the decision Graig was packed up with a car load and gone. :( 
Leaving me all alone for three weeks to finish the school year. Luckily I got to spend my days with the cutest/funnest/smartest first graders.  After most of my days were over I had the biggest to do list to keep me busy along with hanging out with my bestie in Rexburg (McCall), and the Kelly Jane Townsend/Seller family. 
McCall & I... Love her!

While I was busy finishing my second year of teaching I was also trying to get the apartment packed up. Thankfully Graig was able to drive back to Rexburg Memorial day weekend to help. Jamie and David drove in Friday night and Graig came in on Saturday evening. With the help of friends and family we had everything packed and cleaned by Sunday afternoon. 

Jamie & David helped me clean up my classroom as well as the apartment. They got all the double sided tape off of my desk which was probably not the funnest thing. THANK YOU!! 
Our First Home: Everett Pl #1 
Saying Goodbye

One of the reason why we picked to live in this apartment was because it was furnished. We just had our bed, tv, and a couple dressers that we brought in ourselves.  We loved living their for the last two years. It was a great size and location. 

 After the all the packing and cleaning we grabbed Olive Garden with Josh, Lexie, Jamie, and David before we started the drive to Nyssa, OR.

Luckily between all the packing we took a break and had a little BBQ at the Townsends home where we got to see some great friends, Katie, Becca, Alexsis& Michael, Stacey & Evan, Josh & Lexsie, and the cute Hill Family! I wish I would have gotten a group picture. 

Here is the trailer all loaded up and ready to go. We are so thankful to Mark Graig's uncle for loaning us his trailer to get all of our stuff back to WA. Also to Graig's Granddad for loaning the truck. 
Thank you!!!

Now my car was all ready to have two adorable nephews in the back seat with my sista in the front seat.

We got to Breana & Chases around ten and of course spent some fun time with Nash. He has so much energy and is so funny with the things he says. I just love them so much. We headed to bed and woke up early to try and beat some memorial day traffic in WA. 

Breana . Nash .

Kade .

It was a beautiful sunny day to drive with some spots of rain along the way. Everything was going smooth until we hit Ellensburg traffic started to pick up fast. We stopped in Cle Elum to eat and Graig decided to get on the road because traffic was going to get worse. We got on the road shortly after him...about forty minutes later we get a phone call from Graig saying he needs our Dad to bring a trailer and truck and that he lost a tire on the trailer. I was so grateful that he was not hurt. We finally catch up to him and he gives us the story: He looked in his side mirror and saw the tire 15 feet in the air luckily there were no other cars around and no accident was caused. He was able to get the trailer to an exit ramp where we met up with him. Another perfect thing about this situation was that it was only 30 minutes from my parents house, it was Memorial day so my Dad and Kevin were not working. They were able to use Kevin's parents trailer and took my Dads truck and came right up to help us. 
How does a tire pop completely off with lug nuts? So grateful that we were being watched out for and that what could have been a terrible situation was not and the situation we were given was easily solved. So we quickly transferred all of our stuff into the second trailer.

My Dad, Sheila, and Kevin were there to help us make the switch. Then my Dad and Graig went looking for the tire and thankfully found it. Maybe Graig will do a post on his side of this story. Graig then drove the trailer very slowly to my parents house where we made it safely!

 Graig was able to get the tire back on and the lug nuts fixed the next day. He then returned back to work and I stayed down in Maple Valley to spend time with my parents, sisters and new future brother in law, Nash, and Kade.  Here are some pictures from the week. One day my sisters and I met our cousin Cori in Everett and drove up to the Outlet mall where we did some shopping and got to catch up on each others lives. I leave you with some adorable pictures of my little nephews that I LOVE SO MUCH Nash & Kade. We miss you guys!

Papa and Kade watching the roofers on the neighbors house.

Kade perfected his waving on this trip.

I got to snuggle this little man every morning. He goes to bed early like a good little boy but that means he wakes up early so I played with him while his momma went back to sleep.

Pulling them in the wagon my sisters and I used to use when we were little.

Nash at work with Nana

Working with Papa

 On his new bike Nana and Papa got him.

Passed out with a bag of pretzels, mouth opened, and pretzel STILL in his mouth lol. Nana was on her way to take him to the park but he was fast asleep.

It feels great to be back in Washington. I do miss my students, classroom, job, and friends we made in Idaho but are excited for this new part of lives. To see my end of year classroom post click HERE.